What is a Psychonaut anyway? (wikipedia)



 B iography



Brad Lambert - Lead Vocals & Guitar



DR. Michael Moreno - Lead Guitar, Strange Noises, & Backing Vocals


Trey Farrow- Bass


Lenny Song - Drums & Percussion 



...and of course,

Chris Witmer - Sound and Lighting Engineer 


Psychonauts formed in October 2008. A friend of mine, Kevin Reaves, tried to get some of his friends, a local band called Baker Street, to come to my studio and jam. As it turned out, they never did come over as a band, though I started jamming with some of them on the side (G-Man and Trey). Eventually things started to get more ambitious and I put out an ad for a vocalist.  Though Brad has an all original band (Hindsight), he was down to take on another project, and we were strictly doing covers at the time. Eventually, we added my lifelong friend and drummer Lenny Song. Finally, we added an experienced and skilled sound engineer, Chris Witmer.

- Michael

Strange?, but true

Yes, the rumors are true - the band is full of geeks. In addition to the occasional shred, Michael Moreno has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and works in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University. Dr. Moreno started his first company as a grad student and sold his first patent to Bose.  In addition to his academic research he now serves as Chief of Engineering at CorInnova Inc., where he is developing an implantable device designed to treat congestive heart failure.

Of course, he's not the only geek in the band. Brad is currently working on his doctorate in Health and Kinesiology. As part of his doctoral research he has coerced his band mates to participate in his experiments. Their survival is not guaranteed. 

Finally, Dr. Moreno recently started a company with drummer Lenny Song, who works in graphic design - they do scientific illustration. It's up to Brad to draw Trey into 'geekdom'...that may be a hard nut to crack, though it has been suggested that he would be a good subject for an extensive study on the effects of different types of liquor on the health and kinesiology of a former athlete. The band is confident that he would be willing to participate - in the interest of good science.